2017 Shin Ho Kwan Black Belt Winter Retreat

Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 6:00 PM – Sunday, January 15, 2017 at 12:00 PM (EDT)

Casowasco Camp & Retreat Center
158 Casowasco Dr, Moravia, NY 13118

– GON 25 –

The 2017 Shin Ho Kwan Black Belt Retreat marks the 25th year this retreat has been held.  Starting with only 6 Black Belts in attendance, the retreat at it maximum had over 50 Black Belts from over 7 different martial arts.  This coming year we expect to exceed that number.

Once again the retreat will be held at the Casawasco Retreat Center, which boasts over 200 wooded acres, a beautiful gorge, and over a mile of shoreline on Owasco Lake.

The theme for the upcoming retreat is Iron Hand & Shirt Chi Kung and Dit Da Jow.

The retreat is only open to Adult (15 years old and older) Black Belts or equivalent.

In addition to the normal classes this retreat will feature a Black Belt Promotion Exam on Friday Night for eligible Taekwondo Students and a Banquet on Saturday Afternoon that is open to all Past & Present Shin Ho Kwan students.  There will be classes during the promotion exam and banquet for all the participants not taking part in these events.

As in the past, Master Sean Pearson (Taekwondo), Master Bill Humbel (Kali) and Sensei Paul Gardner (Aikido) will be the primary instructors for the retreat and will be teaching classes in the following:

Iron Palm Chi Kung

A series of conditioning techniques that are used to condition the hands to allow a practitioner to deliver very powerful blows without injury or pain to his or her hands.

Participants will be learning a system of Iron Palm that Master Pearson had developed by blending methods passed down to him from several of his Master Instructors.  This system is a safe and yet highly effective method of introducing martial artists to Iron Palm training.

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

A correctly trained body can withstand more damage than one that is untrained. Iron Shirt Chi Kung is a series of exercises and body movements that, when practiced, cause the body’s natural energy (chi) to reinforce its structural strength. Directing energy to parts of the body reinforces those parts of the body to take blows against them.

Participants will be learning various Chi Kung exercises taught in Taekwondo, Kali and Aikido.  Even though these arts don’t use the actual name “Chi Kung” for their practices, they have extensive Chi/Ki manipulation techniques that rival any found in traditional Chinese Chi Kung Schools.

Dit Da Jow Crafting

Dit Da Jow is a traditional Chinese liniment used to help prevent injures to the one’s body during various training methods that involve physical impacts and if injured, help the body repair itself at a faster than normal rate.  At this retreat participants will be instructed in the correct method of crafting Shin Ho Kwan Dit Da Jow, which is a full body proprietary Jow.  In addition, participants will be learning the actual recipe and crafting of Shin Ho Kwan Bruise Juice with is made entirely out of locally available herbs and works extremely well at helping the body repair bruises and relieve pains caused by martial art practice.

All Participants at this retreat must purchase and bring with them the Shin Ho Kwan Dit Da Jow Kit.  This kit is available here

Note: Shin Ho Kwan does not get any monetary compensation for the purchase of this kit.

Retreat Fee: $245 – Includes all classes, lodging (with linens), meals, notebook, and supplies.  A $50 deposit is required to register for the retreat.  The balance is due the first day of the retreat and is payable by cash or check.