Shin Ho Kwan Dit Da Jow

Over the past month Master Pearson has been closely working with Plum Dragon Herbs to come up with a Dit Da Jow mixture that is perfect for what we as Traditional Taekwondoists need.  Plum Dragon Herbs sources and showcases the purest, most potent individual herbs and mixtures found anywhere outside of China.  Shin Ho Kwan was very lucky to be able to enter into a relationship with them and to work so closely with such highly renowned Dit Da Jow experts.  It is with an extremely high level of excitement that Shin Ho Kwan can now present:

Shin Ho Kwan Dit Da Jow


As most of you know, the 2017 Winter Retreat will focus on Iron Palm & Shirt Training.  In addition, everyone attending the retreat will be making their own Jow and will therefore be required to purchase the above kit and bring it to the retreat. The kit contains the herbal mixture for the Jow and a 1/2 gallon bottle for aging it in.  Just to be clear, Shin Ho Kwan does not receive any compensation from Plum Dragon Herbs.

The kit only costs $30, which is a very very reasonable price for a Jow. Master Pearson has paid over $100 for the same quantity of Jow in the past and its quality wasn’t even close.