The Ultimate Black Belt Class

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Master Pearson will be teaching the Ultimate Black Belt Class, a series of 8 one hour classes, at the Ahn Taekwondo Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio on Saturday, October 17th. The classes are open to all United Taekwondo Association Black Belts, Shin Ho Kwan Black Belts and Black Belts of affiliated schools. Participants must be 15 years of age. The eight classes are standalone classes and as such, black belts do not have to take all 8 classes. What makes this series of classes so unique is that the participants will pick the topics taught in the classes. On Friday, October 16th (7pm), at the Ahn Taekwondo Institute, Master Pearson will give a short lecture on the Secrets of Taekwondo, which will be followed by the black belts selecting the topics for the 8 classes.

Several of Shin Ho Kwan’s member schools will be sending black belts to this event. If you are interested in attending, please contact your school’s head instructor for additional information. San Ho (Pittsford, NY), Soel Ho (Buffalo, NY) and Su Ho (Ithaca, NY) Taekwondo Dojangs’ Black Belts will be Van-Pooling down to the Ultimate Class, due to their proximity to each other. Most the the seats are already taken but if your are interested in accompanying this group, please contact Master Humbel.